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Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black

Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black
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The Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black consists of:

- 1 Smoke-stem shaft made of a stainless steel tube and a black silicone coating in traditional design
- 1 Plug-in base in black aluminium with seal
- 1 Hose connection made of black anodised aluminium, plug-in system with expansion rings
- 1 Valve cover in black made of aluminium
- 1 Ash plate, black, diameter ca. 24cm, plus aluminium washer, hole diameter ca. 1.7cm
- 1 Top head adapter, black, with deep thread, plus seal
- 1 Terracotta tobacco bowl with insert sieve
- 1 Chimney-Top attachment
- 1 Soft Touch silicone hose, black
- 1 Stainless steel downtube, aca. 29cm long, diameter ca. 1.5cm
- 1 Aluminium "Slim" mouthpiece, black, approx. 28cm long, with Kayashisha logo

- 1 "Silver Trumpet" Plug-In Glass Bowl with Mirror Finish (please do not wash in the dish washer)

Entire height of the hookah: ca. 95cm (without chimney top ca. 85cm)

ca. 4.0000 kg

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Product no.: 96728

The Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black by Kaya Shisha is top modern in traditional form. The "Silver Trumpet Plug-In Glass Bowl" together with the beautiful neon-coloured silicone smoke column forms a harmonious, yet dynamic overall picture. The material of which the metal parts of the entire smoke column and the mouthpiece are made is anodized aluminum, which makes the shisha very light. At the same time this aluminium is not so susceptible to water.
The base has a so-called Closed Chamber, which reduces its volume. This makes it easier to blow out the stale smoke after a longer break and also makes it easier to suck in the fresh smoke. On the base there is a hose connection with plug-in technology and expansion rings. The opening on the opposite side is closed. The valves are plugged - not screwed!
The Tradi-Stem is attached to the base with a screw connection.

In addition there is a tobacco head made of clay, an ash plate made of black aluminium and a dip tube made of chrome-coloured metal as standard. With the chimney head set, filling and firing the tobacco head becomes a very easy pleasure.
Altogether this hookah of the ELOX Tradi-S Line has a height of approx. 78cm.

The delivered hookah can differ slightly from the photo.

Note on cleaning:

Do not clean the glass in the dishwasher! The mirror finish can be damaged

Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black Silver Trumpet ELOX Tradi-S Black

This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 02 July, 2020.

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